October 23, 2009


The Academy Award-winning studio served as a beta site for the tool, and pipeline lead Tom Downes says its being used for lip sync tests and playblasting, “because it is frame accurate and syncs the sound nicely.”

RV is a realtime, film resolution, high-dynamic-range image and sequence viewer for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The app also includes native support for stereo 3D, Remote Sync, 2K uncompressed playback from disk, and HDR LUTs. The tool allows artists to easily find and play the media they are looking for, and to play it in the context of the latest cut. 

“We’ve written our own Python wrapper around the RV session,” Downes notes. “We generate playlists by querying our production database and adding footage, frame ranges and audio to the Python object, then we write out the RV session file. For our previz team this is quite key because they rapidly turn around shots and they want to see them in the cut all the time.”