October 16, 2009


The package is priced at $10,999 and includes an Nvidia Quadro FX3800 SDI board, Red’s Red Rocket card, and Assimilate’s Scratch Cine 4K post workflow. The package is designed for use with a PC- workstation and gives users working with Red 4K material a number of functions, including the ability to tape dailies to a variety of formats, from NTSC and PAL, up to dual-link 2048x1080. It allows for screening in most formats, and allows for accelerated data output to QuickTime and file sequences. The system can also be used to quality check dailies on-set, and to conform R3D files from editorial EDLs.

The package provides set-up for Scratch Finish, a low-cost method of getting timelines set-up for migrating to Finish for final mastering and delivery, and a low-cost method of getting timelines set-up and rendered for migrating to other DI systems.

Scratch Cine V.5.0 is a native 64-bit application with Win7 x 64 as the operating system.