January 15, 2009


The 4850 is powered by new Intel Core i7 technology, running at 4GHz. It's equipped with liquid cooling to withstand the rigors of intense digital content creation workflows. 

"For memory-intensive, CPU-heavy tasks such as 2D compositing, image processing and particle/fluid simulation, this machine absolutely dominates virtually all other single- or dual-CPU workstations we've tested to date - at any price point," says Shoaib Mohammad, Boxx's director of marketing and business development.

BoxxLabs, the research and development arm of Boxx Technologies, posted benchmarks which reveal that for pro applications like Autodesk 3DS Max with V-Ray and Autodesk Maya with Mental Ray, the 3DBoxx 4850 Extreme rivals the rendering speed and in-application interactivity of the fastest dual Intel Xeon processor workstations in the industry. 

Intel Core i7 architecture with DDR3 provides high memory bandwidth, which allows the 4850 Extreme to rival and often outperform the fastest dual Intel Xeon processor workstations for specific 2D compositing and image processing tasks in applications like Autodesk Combustion, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

The 3DBoxx 4850 Extreme features the Microsoft Vista 64 operating system.