October 12, 2009


Crash + Sues spent eight months designing, updating, and restructuring a new layout for its expansive facility, purchasing an Isilon networked storage system to boost storage for long-form projects. The company is in the process of remodeling its Smoke suite and evaluating color correction systems.

CS Films recently completed its first official feature, Phasma Ex Machina, handling color correction and the online edit. Crash + Sues has worked on a number of films, even before the launch of CS Films.

For Snuff, which explores whether legendary snuff films actually do exist, the studio reworked the original creative edit, designed graphics, performed color correction and audio sweetening, provided the final online, and duplicated the feature.

For the teen feature Lights Out from Whitehorse Productions, the studio pulled scores of mattes, generated snow and provided extensive visual effects for the blizzard scenes. The studio also performed color correction while its sibling audio house, Echo Boys, furnished the sound design and mix.

And for the quirky 30-minute short Lotology, from creatives at agency Colle + McVoy, the studio handled color correction, effects, finishing, and the animated title sequence.