December 29, 2009


Included in the update are new modeling lessons for Cinema 4D, “Maya Rendering Node Reference Library: General Utilities,” “Digital Painting: Human Head” for Photoshop, and “Introduction to Rotoscoping in Nuke.”

The Cinema 4D modeling lessons include using deformers to create interior models, using splines to loft custom geometry, creating furniture using splines, using splines to create interior props and building cartoon props.

The “Maya Rendering Node Reference Library: General Utilities” covers the array mapper node, bump 2D and 3D node, condition node, distance between node, height field node, light info node, multiply divide node, 2D placement node and 3D placement node, among others.

“Digital Painting: Human Head” shows how to begin work on the head using the equilateral triangle, drawing the neck, drawing a basic ear and principles of basic T Stroke.

And the Nuke Rotoscoping lessons show users how to draw shapes in the Bezier node, as well as viewing and editing shapes in the Bezier node.