November 20, 2009


The winners are as follows:

Outstanding Color Grading Feature Film in a DI Process
“Julie & Julia”                               
Steven J. Scott // EFilm

Outstanding Color Grading - Television
“Yankee Stadium Tribute - Yogi's Bronx"                   
Siggy Ferstl // Company 3

Outstanding Color Grading - Commercial 
Pepsi “Pass”                               
Stefan Sonnenfeld // Company 3

Outstanding Editing – Feature Film
 “Slumdog Millionaire”                           
Chris Dickens, A.C.E.

Outstanding Editing- Television
“Breaking Bad – ABQ”                       
Lynne Willingham, A.C.E. // Sony Pictures Entertainment
Outstanding Editing- Commercial
Jaguar "XF/XK"                               
Neil Gust // Outside Editorial

Outstanding Audio Post- Feature Film
Chris Jenkins, Frank A. Montano, Scott Hecker and Eric Norris // Universal Studios Sound

Outstanding Audio Post- Television
“Fringe - Unleashed”                            
Thomas Harris, Michael Ferdie, Chris Reeves, Mark Fleming and Tom Dahl // Walt Disney Studio Post Production Services

Outstanding Audio Post- Commercial
Honda Civic “Grooves”
Nathan Dubin // Margarita Mix Santa Monica

Outstanding Compositing – Feature Film
“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”                
Nelson Sepulveda, Ben O’Brien, Matthew Brumit and Robert Hoffmeister // Industrial Light & Magic

Outstanding Compositing – Television
“Krupp – Eine Deutsche Familie”               
Thomas Tannenberger, Olcun Tan, Shane Cook and Josiah Howison // Gradient Effects

Outstanding Compositing - Commercial
Toyota “Ninja Kittens”       
Colin Renshaw // Animal Logic

The Charles S. Swartz Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Post Production:
Ben Burtt   
The Hollywood Post Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award:
Paul Haggar

Engineering Excellence Award:
DVS Digital Video Systems
S. two Corporation