April 22, 2009


MaxEdit is a multi-user, browser-based HD/SD editing solution that enables local and remote native format editing of centrally-ingested material.  New features include animation support, audio rubber banding, project and team collaboration tools, user-rights management, clip logging, improved media and metadata management, and support for new video formats.

MaxT is also showing two new modules within MaxEdit Server Edition. MAXcut gives pros a streamlined, flexible editing tool for assembling rough cuts and storyboards. The module also allows users to share creative editing decisions and facilitate the review and approval process from any location. Timelines assembled in MaxCut can be directly exported or further refined by a craft editor in MaxEdit. 

MAXreview enables creative teams to manage collaborative workflow projects, and review an editor’s timelines and rough cuts from mobile devices. They can also add comments and frame-by-frame annotations.
Also at the MaxT booth is the company’s high performance Sledgehammer NAS, which provides a centralized online media repository with maximum sustained realtime streams and built-in media tools.