February 18, 2009


Mayer attended The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Gilbert, AZ. As an assistant to owner Fred Paragano, he will handle editorial and session preparation, and assist Paragano on the various projects he is working on.
“Andrew made himself very valuable here and when it came time to make the decision of what to do with him, we didn’t want to let him go,” Paragano explains. “Andrew takes care of the details that I don’t have the time to worry about and that allows me to focus on what it is I need to do.”
Vorhees earned her Bachelor’s degree in Radio-Television with a concentration in audio production from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. As an overall studio assistant, Vorhees’ responsibilities include overseeing tape logging and archiving. She is responsible for note taking during studio sessions and is charged with keeping the facility in order.
“Sarah’s attention to detail is excellent,” says Paragano.  “As we continue to take on more projects and our workload increases, it is great to have someone like Sarah checking over everything and making sure nothing is overlooked.  She is a vital part of our team and we enjoy having her with us.”