January 28, 2009


Company CEO Ray Cross says, “It’s not a decision that we’ve come to without a great deal of thought. However in the current general economic climate we quite simply can’t justify the $1 million-plus investment that exhibiting at NAB would require. This year we’re being prudent; I’m sure our customers are too.”

Cross adds that roadshows the company has hosted throughout the world over the past year have been well received by customers, who appreciate the individual attention.

“These initiatives,” he says, “will therefore continue to be at the forefront of our customer-facing activities over the coming months, in combination with the regular visits that our R&D, support, sales, marketing and management teams make to our users.”

While absent from the show, the company says it is busy working on developments that include V.4.1 and beyond, Red workflow, Stereo3D, Dino and FCP server integration.