February 5, 2009


At the show, Schilowitz will most likely be doing presentations with some of the companies that support Red in post production and DI finishing. He says with hundreds of feature films being shot on Red, TV shows — including the final episodes of ER, John Wells' Southland and Dean Devlin's Leverage, plus thousands of commercials — as well as nature shows and music videos, the camera is now a fully proven tool for all types of productions. "All have different post paths to get to their finish," he reports, "so that's good news all around, more options in post means even more overall acceptance of Red."

He adds that there is a lot of interest in the various post tools of different types — from desktop to the big, dedicated systems — all working with Red these days. "People want to see what options they have, and where the strengths of each system is when working with Red, so that is likely where I'll concentrate efforts this year at NAB and other dedicated events.  When Scarlet and Epic are ready to show off, we'll be spending time showing that part of our world."