January 13, 2009


Syberg is an Emmy-winning producer with 25 years in the business. For the last 10 years she has concentrated primarily on the production and development of children's programming. Most recently, she was with NYC's FlickerLab, where she developed a pilot with Playhouse Disney. She also served as a producer at the interactive design studio Possible Worlds in Manhattan.
Carlée has been working in the animation industry for the past 30 years, exploring and combining traditional animation and film techniques with digital technology. His foray into computer animation began at MAGI/Synthavision in Elmsford, New York, and he also worked with R/Greenberg Associates, one of the leading facilities for optical and motion control technology on the East Coast. His career includes serving as head of digital imagery for Don Bluth Entertainment in Ireland, and director at Blue Sky Studios in Ossining, New York. He later moved to California to work at
PDI/Dreamworks in Redwood City, and later Wildbrain in San Francisco. More recently, he was with Starz Animation in Toronto.
And Friend has been freelancing in New York City, specializing in direction, art direction, character design, storyboarding, animatics, background artwork, design, 2D animation, stop motion, After Effects, and Photoshop. He has worked with Curious Pictures, FlickerLab, Alt Digital,  Edgeworx, Jim Henson Productions, @radical media,  Baron & Baron and numerous others.

SpeakeasyFX was recently called on by Sesame Street to create a new segment. The studio is busy designing assets for the 3D episodes that will begin airing in November 2009.

PHOTO:  SpeakeasyFX's Friend, Carlee and Syberg.