February 2, 2009


POP Sound (www.popsound.com) in Santa Monica, CA, performed mixing services on a number of spots that appeared during yesterday’s Super Bowl. Peter Rincon mixed the Seoul Soo commercial for California Milk on behalf of Los Angeles-based Deutsch. Tim West mixed Heineken’s Warrior spot out of Portland, OR’s Wieden+Kennedy. Mitch Dorf mixed the Tips commercial for CareerBuilder.com, also via Wieden+Kennedy. And Stephan Dickson mixed Taco Bell’s Overrated on behalf of Draft FCB, Chicago.

Margarita Mix (www.lastudios.com) provided sound services for a number of Super Bowl spots too. Nathan Dubin mixed Universal Studios’ commercial for David & Goliath, which was directed by Sam Bayer and produced by Paul Albanese. Jimmy Hite mixed a Cars.com commercial for DDB/Chicago. The spot was directed by Craig Gillespie and produced by Will St Clair. And Jeff Levy mixed a Clorox commercial for DDB/S. It was directed by Brad Tucker and produced by Mia Lischer.

Filmcore’s (www.filmcore.com) Doug Walker provided creative editorial for USA Network’s :60 Characters Welcome commercial. The spot, was produced by Go Films Production Co. and was directed by Tim Hamilton. Walker cut the project on an Avid Adrenaline system.

Innovative Show Design (www.ishowdesign.com) used Maxon Cinema 4D to design the commentator sets for Super Bowl XLIII. The animation application was used to pre-visualize each virtual set mock-up and included textures and animations. Cinema 4D and XPresso was also used to show how the sets would be lit, applying realistic color temperatures, intensities, directions, etc. The design took place prior to the actual physical set being ordered and manufactured. Sets included the Pirate Ship, which served as the main commentator desk for NBC; the NFL Experience, which acted as an interactive theme park for fans on site; and the Super Suite, which served as a Red Carpet area, where celebrity interviews took place.