October 19, 2009


Based on the principle of “wavefield synthesis,” the Iosono system provides a rich, three-dimensional sound experience. Todd-AO expects to mix its first project using the new system this fall.

“Iosono’s algorithm and the large speaker array create sound waves in free space that audiences perceive as sounds originating from anywhere within the 3D sound field,” explains CSS Studios senior VP  of engineering Bill Johnston. “The creative possibilities are immense and, frankly, intimidating to creative personnel who have to re-imagine the impact on the theatrical environment. That challenge, coupled with the possibilities, are what make the Iosono technology so intriguing.”

In preparation for working with the new format, Stage 2 has been outfitted with an encompassing array of 672 speakers that reproduce 224 audio channels and delivering 44,000 watts of amplification. Four Iosono render PCS have also been added, as well as an Iosono Spatial Audio Workstation, or SAW, an authoring tool that allows a mixer to work in the 3D Sound environment.

Todd-AO has been beta testing the Iosono technology since 2005 and advising the company on how to adapt it to the theatrical market.