January 5, 2009


"I'd been thinking about making a change for a couple of years now but how and when was the question,” explains DeSario. “With the talents of Sloane Klevin leaving to open Union NY as partner/editor and Tina Mintus heading to Cut + Run NY, my opportunity to finally move in another direction became viable. The company had become a size where we needed to pull in a certain volume of work to feed the machine. I lacked the fire and conviction I once had to re-staff and recreate the same model I no longer believed in. Instead, I want to be part of something completely fresh; a company that makes sense in today's market. To do that, I chose to close Version2 which I've found to be a truly liberating experience."

The studio opened in 1988 as Vito DeSario Editing and became Version2 in 2000. Its talent came from around the world, including the UK, Paris and South Africa.

DeSario won’t yet discuss his next venture, but hints at something to be unveiled this summer. “I have always embraced change and will continue to do so moving forward. I'm looking to develop and implement a contemporary business model that will be effective in this marketplace."