July 14, 2010


The company has been in development since last year and has produced commercial campaigns and interactive projects for Target, Nike and Microsoft Bing. In collaboration with Zimmerman Advertising, Hinge Digital created the 3D animated sales guide “hh” for home appliance and electronics retailer hhgregg. To date, Hinge has produced more than 20 commercials for the campaign.

On the entertainment front, Hinge Digital specializes in the development of film and television properties based on original content from graphic novel and creature-feature genres.

Roland Gauthier will serve as executive producer, offering a wealth of experience both as a supervisor and a solutions-oriented production artist. He has over 10 years of VFX experience, and has worked on projects for Honda and Microsoft, as well as on Henry Selick's Moongirl.

Michael Kuehn will act as VFX supervisor. His background includes digital content creation for the commercial, feature film and video game industries. Kuehn brings nearly 20 years of expertise ranging from previsualization to asset development and animation.

And Alex Tysowsky is Hinge’s animation director. His career includes work on over a dozen feature films, including the Academy Award-winning Spiderman 2 and The Chubbchubbs!.