AlphaDogs posts 'Stuck With Hackett' pilot
December 21, 2010

AlphaDogs posts 'Stuck With Hackett' pilot

BURBANK — AlphaDogs Post Production ( has completed work on the TV pilot Stuck With Hackett for The Science Channel. The show follows metal artist/engineer Chris Hackett as he uses discarded parts to build things that can aid in survival.

EP’s Korelan Matteson and Nathaniel Grouille of Silver Machine Productions ( produced Stuck With Hackett for Discovery Networks and The Science Channel. The show came to AlphaDogs on a Saturday night and needed to be delivered the following Monday afternoon to allow for time to pass network quality control so it could air that Friday. 

Sean Stack was the finishing editor. Isai Espinoza completed the audio mix, working with sound that was captured in challenging desert conditions. 

“In a harsh environment, elements have a tendency to get introduced into the recording of the audio, as well as high winds interfering with the dialogue,” notes Esponoza. 

A lavalier and boom microphone were used on set, allowing AlphaDogs to have alternatives when mixing on the Pro Tools|HD2 system. A Dolby Media Meter plug-in was used in order to comply with broadcast specs for dialogue loudness. Waves’ Diamond bundle was also incorporated for its L2, Renaissance EQ, DeEsser and Compressor plug-ins.