DVS video boards target film & HD television work
September 12, 2010

DVS video boards target film & HD television work

AMSTERDAM – DVS (www.dvs.de) is showcasing new developments for its Atomix and Atomix LT video boards at this year’s IBC show. The two newest additions to the series cover the requirements of high-end film, HDTV post and broadcast applications.

The two Atomix video boards were launched at NAB back in April The Atomix LT handles formats up to 2K, while the Atomix enables realtime image processing of uncompressed data at any resolution from SD to 4K. The 1D and 3D LUTs allow for efficient color management and grading, while the freely programmable upscaler/downscaler can handle various image formats without prior rendering. With their two independent video channels, the Atomix boards support 3D/stereo processing at up to 2K.

For IBC, the DVS boards are now equipped with an expanded software development kit. In addition to DVS's own SDK, Atomix and Atomix LT are also interoperable with Apple's QuickTime SDK allowing many Mac applications to benefit from the boards' high-performance features, including 3.0 Gbps on both SDI I/Os.

Both also offer direct integration with Final Cut Pro for compressed and uncompressed formats. Capabilities include realtime recording for formats up to 2K and playout up to 4K. The integrated RS-422 interface can be used to control professional tape machines for frame-accurate video transmission.