FX's 'Louie' returns to Mega Playground
November 4, 2010

FX's 'Louie' returns to Mega Playground

NEW YORK — FX’s Louie, which was renewed for a second season, has returned to Mega Playground for post services. The show is written, directed, and offline edited by Louis C. K., who also stars in the comedy. Blair Breard serves as executive producer.

Louie is a made up of short comedic sketches. Some feature Louie, on stage, performing at a comedy club, while others are portrayed as slices of life. The program is shot with the Red camera, helping to create a filmic look. 

The show shoots on location in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and all over Manhattan. Louie’s Manhattan apartment serves as a reoccurring location. Some of the post challenges involve matching 

disparate lighting issues, and other unanticipated obstacles, such as high decibel police, fire engine or ambulance sirens, and neighbors that stumble upon the shoot.

CTO Terry Brown and the team at the Playground are well versed in Red workflows, which helped in the decision to post at the facility.

Editor Michael Kahn and colorist Ben Perez finalized and polished the Red-shot footage for Season 1 using a variety of Final Cut Pro tools. They are back on board for the second season.

“At the height of our production cycle, we were working with a staff of 26,” Breard reports. “We took over a space on the 7th floor, which encompassed everything from casting, wardrobe, conference room and scheduling to two editorial rooms. The Playground handled virtually every aspect of our production, from color correction through editorial.  he only outside service we had to employ was audio because The Playground’s new mixing suite had not yet gone online.”