Mercury Post adds DFT scanner
October 13, 2010

Mercury Post adds DFT scanner

SEOUL, KOREA – Mercury Post (, here, recently purchased and installed a high-speed 2K Scanity film scanner from DFT Digital Film Technology. The studio specializes in ad work, and the Scanity now serves as the hub for its commercial Digital Intermediate workflow, alongside a Blackmagic DaVinci 4K Resolve color corrector.
Mercury Post has already scanned and finished over 20 DI advertising projects since the system was put in place back in August, including Samsung’s Galaxy Phone and Hyundai Motors’ K7.
Scanity is capable of scanning 4K at up to 15 fps. The system can also scan 2K at up to 25 fps; 1K up to 44 fps; 0.5K up to 69 fps, and 0.25K up to 96 fps.
“We chose the Scanity film scanner because it provided us with excellent image steadiness as well as sharp, high-quality images,” notes Nam ByungWoo, senior colorist at Mercury Post.

IMAGE: Mercury managing director Cho, HyunKun and senior colorist Nam, ByungWoo.