Motion Theory creates 'Footsteps' for Audi
December 27, 2010

Motion Theory creates 'Footsteps' for Audi

LOS ANGELES — Audi’s new Footsteps spot is seeing lots of exposure. The commercial was directed by Motion Theory’s ( Mathew Cullen and shows viewers mankind’s evolution of travel, beginning millions of years ago with creatures leaving the sea, segueing to dinosaurs, and cavemen, and then transitioning to horses, locomotives and finally the automaker’s latest releases, which includes the super sleek Audi R8.

The spot was conceived by Venables Bell & Partners, and was cut as a :60 for theatrical presentation, as well as in a :30 edit for broadcast. Motion Theory’s sister company Mirada handled visual effects.

The Miranda team built upon the realism of the live-action footage, which included capturing practical effects such as the rainwater-filled footprints and the trailing tracks of a galloping horse. The effects house enhanced the rapid pace and blended the evolutionary leaps. 

Head of VFX John Fragomeni led the creative team of DFX lead Andy Cochrane, CG lead Marion Spates, and Flame lead Frederico Saccone. Motion Theory’s Jason Webb cut the spots, with assistance from Jeff Aquino and Rigo Madrigal. Stimmung created the original music and 740 Sound Design provided sound effects. The spot was mixed at Lime.