April 12, 2010


Neo3D adds 3D workflow tools to most NLE and effects software releases that support QuickTime or AVI files, including Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and After Effects. Neo3D Version 5 includes support for the new release of Adobe CS5, as well as a number of new realtime 3D capabilities.

New features include: floating window masks to manage 3D window violations; keyframe ability to allow ramping of 2D and 3D active metadata, including convergence at cut points between 3D clips on a timeline; “ghost busting” for minimizing high-contrast crosstalk between left and right channels visible on some 3D display technologies; and a new graphics engine enabling 3D text and graphics overlays on top of underlying video.

Adobe CS5 support for both Windows and Mac includes automatic 3D render capabilities, and on the Windows side, Neo3D adds support for Nvidia OpenGL surfaces to drive both passive and active 3D monitors.

The enhanced NeoHD and Neo4K product families now include 3D tools that allow for realtime adjustment of convergence, adjustment of stereo color, and choice of display formatting for most common stereo modes, including anaglyph and passive polarized.

Version 5 of the Neo releases will be available at the end of April. Customers who have Version 4 will be able to upgrade to Version 5 at a discounted price.

In related news, CineForm has partnered with Gunnar Optiks to offer customers who purchase Neo releases through the month of April a free pair of Gunnar’s new Phenom 3D passive polarized glasses ($99 value).