NewTek set to deliver LightWave 10
December 28, 2010

NewTek set to deliver LightWave 10

SAN ANTONIO — NewTek is set to deliver LightWave 10, a significantly enhanced version of its 3D software. The tool will be released before the New Year, and has been improved to provide immediate feedback to artists, whether they are working alone or in a multi-seat studio.

Version 10 leverages new technologies developed in LightWave CORE, which taps its user community, including some Hollywood studios. The application gives artists the ability to interact with their creations directly in the viewport and see changes to lighting, textures, and volumetrics in realtime, as well as view their stereoscopic work. New data interchange tools enhance LightWave’s pipeline integration, and the user interface has been refreshed to be more artist-friendly than before. 

The Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) allows artists to render in realtime, with the ability to limit the render region for maximum performance. A new anaglyph stereoscopic preview function provides realtime interocular, red-blue anaglyphic separation, allowing users to view changes as they happen. Support for the InterSense Virtual Camera Tracking System (VCAM) and 3Dconnexion 3D mouse allows for interaction with models and scenes in realtime. 

Version 10 of LightWave supports custom Look Up Tables for more realistic lighting, and to maximize compositing flexibility. New data interchange tools offer support for MDD, Autodesk Geometry Cache, FBX and  COLLADA, making it easy to move data from one application to another.  

Pros can get a 30-day free trial of LightWave by visiting the NewTek Website ( Upgrade pricing from V.9 to V.10 is $495 for a limited time and includes membership into the LightWave HardCORE community, with immediate access to preview builds of LightWave CORE.

Pricing for new users is $895 and includes the HardCORE membership too.