AICE/NY chapter awards 'Camp Kuleshov' winners
October 14, 2011

AICE/NY chapter awards 'Camp Kuleshov' winners

NEW YORK — The AICE New York chapter recently announced the winners of its “Camp Kuleshov” trailer-editing contest. Northern Lights’ assistant editor Lisa White won the contest for her re-working of the film The Notebook — a 2004 romantic comedy staring Ryan — as a chilling horror flick.

Contestants could choose from 12 films, including: Madonna: Truth or Dare, Grease, The Notebook, Bride of Frankenstein, The Absent-Minded Professor and Splash. The assignment was to edit a :90 trailer and switch genres; edit a :30 or :60 commercial for one of the films as a network sitcom; or edit a :90 trailer for a mash up of two of the films which promotes the mashed up film as one of a third genre. The competition, now in its eighth year in New York, received 33 submissions by assistants working at 16 different AICE New York member companies. The awards presentation took place at Bar M1-5 in Lower Manhattan.

Second Place was awarded to Ryan Krumm of Anatomy, who took the 1984 comedy Splash and recast it as a political thriller. In Third Place came Nutmeg Post’s Carl Vasile, who took the 1970s soft-core romp Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and transformed it into a network promotional spot for a TV sitcom. The winning assistants all took home prizes donated by Avid. White won a Media Composer 5.5 software package, Krumm won a Pro Tools + MBox package, and Vasile won a set of Studiophile Q40 headphones from M-Audio. 

The winners’ work can be viewed online.

PHOTO: Camp Kuleshov New York winners (L-R) Lisa White of Northern Lights, Carl Vasile from Nutmeg Post and Ryan Krumm of Anatomy.