'Addictions' video questions dependency on technology
December 28, 2011

'Addictions' video questions dependency on technology


LOS ANGELES — Director/motion designer Giovanni Bucci recently created an independent video that combines artistic imagery and an original soundtrack. The edgy Addictions takes place in a nightmarish world that suggests of technology addictions. The piece is driven by a guitar-heavy soundtrack and makes used of a staccato editing style, as well as expressionistic styling, makeup and sound design.

“The video is subject to varied interpretations of addictions, based on the viewer’s life experiences,” says Bucci. “The benefits of technology were always considered to be a positive force in people’s lives, but things have not quite turned out that way. I’m not saying that technology is a totally negative thing, but there is a need for balance in our lives, and we need to moderate our extreme attachment to it and live more fully in the real world." 

Bucci used green screen, stop motion animation,  macro, motion graphics, and visual effects techniques in creating the video. Much of it was shot using a Canon 7D with a 16-35mm Canon lens, though some shots were captured using a GoPro HD camera. 

Bucci also co-wrote the music with arranger/producer Marco Morano, who also worked on the production of the track. "We chose to mix some dark-ish electro/indie-dance elements with metal guitars and glitchy textures working together with dirty synths," notes Morano.

Designer/animator Paola Rocchetti also contributed, working with Bucci on the production design, including backgrounds, graphic elements, visuals and animation.

Post production included the use of Adobe’s After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash tools.