Brand New School helps fight hunger
December 30, 2011

Brand New School helps fight hunger

LOS ANGELES — Brand New School ( created an animated spots for Bank of America that encourages donations to help feed America’s hungry. The :30 Feeding America spot is appearing in cinemas and was conceived by agency Hill Holliday. For every $1 given through the Gift for Opportunity fund before January 9, 2012, Bank of America is donating $2.  

The spot using animated graphics to underscore statistics and solutions that can help in achieving the goal to end hunger. 
Nick Drake's “Place to Be” serves as the soundtrack, and a voiceover details the how the plan works.

“Creating a traditional, design-driven animation for a good cause is something we were happy to help with,” says BNS founder/executive creative director Jonathan Notaro. “We’re very grateful to our friends at Hill Holliday for bringing this our way.” 
According to BNS art director Christopher Palazzo, the team began work using pencil on paper.  “The message of the piece is very sincere and straightforward, and the graphic language had to match.  I feel like this is one of the things we do best.”

Stephen Kelleher and Kaya Ono were designers on the project. Ben Hill and Erica Gorochow created the 2D animation.