C3 launches, offers free color services
June 21, 2011

C3 launches, offers free color services

SILVER LAKE, CA — Post facility C3 (www.ColorCorrection.com) recently launched with the goal of making professional color correction services available to independent productions. And, to celebrate the launch of the studio, ColorCorrection.com is offering up to 20 minutes of free color correction services to one lucky winner.  

Ryan Byrne, C3 founder and managing director, felt the post industry was not set up in a way that allowed indie filmmakers to take advantage of professional-grade color correction services. “There was a lack of a clear structured approach to help filmmakers, like me, feel artistically in control during the color grading process,” he notes. “And the high hourly rates being charged certainly didn’t help things either.”

Charles Haine serves as chief colorist, and adds that not all filmmakers know their way around a color studio. “A lot of time is often spent just helping people learn how to talk about color so they know what to ask for,” he explains. “And when you’re paying $200 to $300 an hour, that, understandably, is a frustrating experience for the client.”

C3’s model is based on options and non-hourly pricing. Clients are shown multiple options upfront, at no charge, and then have the opportunity to rework those options until they are happy. After that, the client is charged one simple per-minute-of-footage rate.

“That way, you don’t pay extra when a colorist is not getting your vision or because you don’t quite know how to describe what you want,” Haine explains.  

ColorCorrection.com’s online set up also means filmmakers no longer have to live near major entertainment hubs to get access to professional color grading services. Once filmmakers have established their look, C3 will mail them a hard-drive to collect a copy of their media files. Communication is managed on the Web, and once the color is locked, the material is mailed back.

To enter the contest, filmmakers should submit an email (1,000 words or less) to contest@colorcorrection.com, making their case on why their project deserves to win. Include details on the story summary, inspiration, financial need, anticipated locked picture date and a  link to a trailer or scene. Deadline for entries is July 15th and the winner will be announced at the start of August.