EditFest kicks off tonight in NYC
June 10, 2011

EditFest kicks off tonight in NYC

NEW YORK — EditFest NY 2011 (www.editfest.com) takes place this weekend at the Director’s Guild of America Theater located at 110 West 57 th Street.

The schedule begins with check in today at 6pm, and then kicks off with “The Lean Forward Moment” at 7:15pm, with feature film editors discussing influential scenes from their favorite films.  At 9:00pm there will be an opening night cocktail party at Le Parker Meridian Hotel next door.

Saturday is filled with panels and discussions, beginning at 10am with “The Documentary Edit: Finding the Moment” in which documentary editors will discuss writing with images.

At 11:45, the “Editing Animation: Pixar” session will feature Toy Story 3 editor Ken Schretzmann, A.C.E., explaining the Pixar process.

After lunch, the schedule returns with the “Greatest Movies You Never Saw” panel at 2:30, moderated by Jeffrey Wolf, A.C.E.

At 4:00pm, a “Feature Editor Panel” will be held, moderated by SVA professor and author Vincent LoBrutto. Things wrap up at 5:30 on Saturday with a short mixer open to panelists and EditFest attendees.