Editorial/design house Hooligan opens in NYC
April 7, 2011

Editorial/design house Hooligan opens in NYC

NEW YORK — Editorial entity Hooligan (www.hooligannyc.com) has launched in New York, bringing together principal talent from Chinagraph, Company X and 89 Edit. The studio is located at 119 Fifth Avenue and offers offline and online editing services, as well as graphic design.

Hooligan was founded by Eric Carlson, Barney Miller, Kane Platt and Rosemary Quigley. The artist-run coalition will take on commercial, music video, broadcast, film and new media projects. 

Partner/executive producer Rosemary Quigley and executive producer Sue Wladar will guide Hooligan on the executive side. Their artist roster includes Eric Carlson, Kane Platt, Jordan Green, Greg Letson, Barney Miller, Jane Keller, Peter Mostert, Thomas Ostuni and Pete Slife. 

Since opening, Hooligan has wrapped up work on two broadcast commercials for Avon featuring pop super Fergie. The spots tout her new "Outspoken" fragrance. The studio has also posted an Olay spot featuring Sex & the City co-star Kim Cattrall.