Evolve IMG sees efficiencies with Sony F3 & Cinedeck Extreme
September 1, 2011

Evolve IMG sees efficiencies with Sony F3 & Cinedeck Extreme

CHICAGO — Boutique digital creative agency Evolve IMG (http://evolveimg.com) recently completed extensive testing of the Cinedeck Extreme file-based digital recorder using Sony’s F3 camera. Evolve IMG is a close partner with ESPN and the  SportsCenter program, and was conducting the test in preparation for shoot for the network.

In the test, Evolve IMG focused on recording, file format and rigging support with the Sony F3. The solution offers numerous file-based workflow benefits for F3 filmmakers and production crews, along with high image quality, which is a requirement for ESPN. The Evolve IMG team shot S-Log/444 mode with the F3.

"High-end RGB 444 recording off the Sony F3’s sensor is a game changer for filmmakers, and Cinedeck Extreme makes it simple with so many options to fit your workflow, taking the technical stress out of a shoot,” notes Joel Edwards, DP/technical director Evolve IMG Films. “Shooting with the F3, we quickly learned how Cinedeck Extreme can take the F3’s functionality so much further. When shooting in S-Log/444 mode, we discovered the third SDI port and HDMI out of the F3 no longer work in all frame rates. We were able to use the Cinedeck Extreme’s outputs for EVF monitoring. This is an awesome feature that’s crucial for the crew, producers and clients.”

Edwards says the team also discovered that they could use ProRes HQ and still get the 14 stops of dynamic range S-Log output quality without mastering to true 444.

Extreme’s ( www.cinedeck.com) price starts at $8495 and natively supports Avid DNxHD (MXF wrapped), Apple ProRes (including 4444), CineForm Digital Intermediate, Uncompressed 422 (.mov) and Uncompressed 444 (.mov).