Fixstars brings turn-key encoder to NAB
April 4, 2011

Fixstars brings turn-key encoder to NAB

LAS VEGAS — Tokyo-based Pegasys Inc. (, a developer of encoding solutions, hosted Fixstars Solutions ( at the NAB Show. Fixstars offers the Accelcoder, a realtime, professional H.264 encoding system. The Accelcoder offers high video encoding quality and fast processing speed at a low price. A turnkey system, the Accelcoder can encode popular Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and IPTV formats.

Accelcoder offers studios the flexibility to meet a variety of customer format demands. Output formats include Blu-ray standard based H.264 ES, MPEG2-TS and MP4. Compressing video in the H.264 format can require long processing times. Current CPU processors take up to 15X realtime to encode a feature in high quality mode. Accelcoder uses the power of the Cell/B.E., a high performance multi-core processor, to provide realtime encoding speeds with 30p/60i settings. 

Accelcoder supports 3D video encoding with side-by-side 3D and H.264 MVC (Multiview Video Coding) standard. This feature allows users to construct multiple views of one scene for stereoscopic 3D video coding. 

At NAB, Accelcoder was shown capturing and encoding HD video in realtime. The company also showed Express Authoring functionality, which enables 2D or 3D output data to be written directly to a Blu-ray disc without authoring software. This feature allows pros to use large-capacity Blu-ray discs during intermediate stages of post production, be it for previewing or distributing media.