FotoKem expands footprint to New Orleans
October 25, 2011

FotoKem expands footprint to New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — Burbank, CA-based FotoKem has expanded its footprint to New Orleans, bringing its nextLAB system along with other file-based post services. The new office is located downtown near the French Quarter and provides a range of post services, including an infrastructure for file-based dailies, file delivery services and offline editorial systems. Integration with FotoKem’s globalDATA platform facilitates delivery of content to editing rooms, creative offices, company media centers, or any location worldwide. 

The expansion into New Orleans is being overseen by Peter Santoro, FotoKem’s VP of feature and commercial services. The initiative was spawned by state-wide incentives and the fact that many existing FotoKem customers are shooting film and television projects in the region.

According to the state’s film office, Louisiana offers a 30 percent transferable incentive for total in-state expenditures related to the production of a motion picture. An additional five percent labor incentive can be earned on the payroll of Louisiana residents that are employed by a state certified motion picture production. The incentives are fully transferable and Louisiana has no limit to the amount of incentives that can be earned by a single production.

"FotoKem customers shooting in the region have prompted this expansion," notes FotoKem VP Mike Brodersen. "The need for local, file-based post production and location mobile services is growing as the state enjoys record-breaking production stimulated by tax incentive programs."
The nextLAB division of FotoKem focuses on developing new and efficient workflows while addressing the challenges of the various digital camera technologies. FotoKem’s nextLAB Mobile systems are built on nextLAB software and consist of integrated, portable units that bring post capabilities on-set or near location.