Harmonic, Adobe show collaborative editing workflow
June 16, 2011

Harmonic, Adobe show collaborative editing workflow

LOS ANGELES — At an event at the Universal Hilton, here, Harmonic (www.harmonicinc.com), formerly Omneon, sought to educate users to its smaller footprint MediaGrid active storage solution, which that is aimed at post workflows — editing in particular — but suitable for much more.
The event was co-sponsored by Adobe and included a presentation/demo by Bandito Brothers’ Jacob Rosenberg (pictured), who very recently sold his film An Act of Valor, to Relativity Media, which will market and distribute the title. Rosenberg has famously been using the Adobe tools for Bandito (www.banditobrothers.com) projects that include the film From Dust to Glory and a recent spot for Hot Wheels. Adobe is getting the word out about how its Creative Suite 5.5, including Premiere Pro, features the speedy Mercury Engine.
Harmonic’s demo emphasized how well its MediaGrid, Adobe’s Creative Suite and FilmPartners MFXserver (www.mfxserver.com) all work together to create a nice collaborative editing workflow.

IMAGE: Bandito Brothers' Jacob Rosenberg (Credit: David Basulto)