IBC: Quantel highlights QTube & Pablo PA improvements
September 14, 2011

IBC: Quantel highlights QTube & Pablo PA improvements

AMSTERDAM — Quantel (www.quantel.com) showed the next stage in the development of its QTube editing solution at IBC. QTube provides instant access to live production for frame accurate editing from anywhere over the Internet. The latest development gives users the ability to integrate files held on generic IT storage into the QTube workflow. Quantel also showed QTube working with cloud storage and processing at IBC.

The demo showed how MXF files held in ASO2 bundles on COTS storage can be accessed across the Internet by the QTube Browser and included in timelines on QTube Edit. The edits are then published, with QTube managing the movement of the selected frames from the generic storage into the Quantel Enterprise sQ server for playout. 

Quantel also showed QTube working with MXF files stored on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud-based platform.

Also at IBC, Quantel highlighted new developments for its Pablo PA conform, preparation and workflow software. Pablo PA now supports Nvidia Quadro graphics cards, and benefits from CUDA GPU processing. Pablo PA now supports dual monitor operation with a Quadro graphics card. The second monitor provides full frame picture display, including side-by-side for realtime display of S3D media.

Genetic Engineering connectivity enables Pablo PA to work on Quantel’s GenePool shared storage. Pablo PA can look directly into the GenePool via Sam, work on a clip and publish the results back. New frames can be rendered onto the Pablo PA and published back into the GenePool for other GenePool-connected systems to access.