September 10, 2011

IBC: Sorenson upgrades enterprise transcoding solution

AMSTERDAM — San Diego-based Sorenson Media ( is at the IBC show with Squeeze Server 1.5, an upgrade to its enterprise transcoding solution. Squeeze Server was introduced last Spring. The latest update adds optimized performance for all three leading adaptive bit-rate streaming platforms: Adobe Dynamic Streaming, Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. 

The new release is geared for high-volume encoding, allowing users to create multiple renditions and output media to wherever  it needs to go. The adaptive bit-rate support streamlines enterprise workflows by automatically transcoding each individual video file into multiple, chunked segments in a full array of bitrates, organizing these segments into a folder, and delivering them to the specified destinations for playback on any device.

Files can be input from almost anywhere, including FTP, SFTP, HTTP, Local, LAN, and URI’s for S3 and Azure Blobs, and output to the same locations. The software solution integrates easily into any Windows-based cloud environment.

Version 1.5 ship with just under 50 presets. APIs allow developers to further control video quality and maximize throughput with automated workflows. Each subscription to Squeeze Server includes a complementary account for the Sorenson 360 online video platform.