Isilon upgrades scalable storage solutions
Marc Loftus
April 11, 2011

Isilon upgrades scalable storage solutions

LAS VEGAS — Seattle’s Isilon Systems ( is at NAB with upgrades to its S Series and X Series of scalable storage solutions. The announcements are the first from the company since it was acquired by EMC and continue Isilon’s mantra of scalability, simplicity and ease of use.

At the Isilon booth, the company is showing a single volume consolidated workflow solution that can handle ingest, editing, playout and archiving functions. 

The hardware for both its S Series and X Series has been updated. Isilon solutions do not incorporate any custom hardware. Instead, the company uses 100 percent industry standard hardware components.

Its S Series represent the company’s flagship solution when it comes to transaction and I/O performance. The S Series is designed for studios handling special effects, rendering and animation, and as such, is optimized for heavy I/O workflows. Improvements to the S Series make it 2x faster than the previous version, as well as cut the dollar per I/O per second. Isilon offers three tiers of the S Series ranging from 5TB to 12TB in capacity.

The company sees the X Series as its mid-range product, optimized for high sequential throughput and storage capacity. The solution is designed for workflows that are less I/O intensive, such as editorial or broadcast playout. Isilon offers the X Series in 6-, 12- and 24TB configurations.

Isilon has also upgraded its OneFS core operating system to V.6.5, which adds security access enhancements, as well as its SyncIQ replication software, which is now 2-3x faster via direct integration with its snapshot engine. 

Existing Isilon customers can upgrade their software for free and add new hardware to their existing technology.