Light of Day completes 'Someday' with Justin Beiber
May 25, 2011

Light of Day completes 'Someday' with Justin Beiber

NEW YORK — VFX and animation house Light of Day ( completed work on a new spot for the charity Give Back Brands and its new perfume, Someday, which is promoted by Justin Bieber. The spot debuted during the season finale of Glee.  

Give Back Brands is a new world beauty and fragrance company that partners with celebrities to donate profits to charity. Light of Day collaborated with agency HOWL Group and director Diane Martel on the :30 spot, which features a young girl putting on the perfume in her bedroom. Justin Bieber appears, and the two are transported into a surreal dream sequence. 


Someday’s interiors were shot in Los Angeles, while the flight shot was captured in Las Vegas. According to Light of Day creative director, Colin Stackpole, the dream sequence was shot in a zero gravity airplane that astronauts are trained in. The studio then had to create a look that fit the dream-like feel of the spot through compositing, coloring, and graphics. 

They color correcting the entire spot in the palette of the background tone, giving a soft, amber-golden color to everything. Other work included removing people and creating matte paintings for the sky backgrounds. Since the zero gravity sequences were difficult to light, the team also re-lit scenes in post to capture the dreamy, surreal atmosphere.

Light of Day used Flame, Smoke, Smoke on the Mac, Maya, Lustre, and After Effects to complete the project. Managing directors Charles Nordeen and Amy Taylor supported the Las Vegas shoot. 

HIS served as the production company on the project, which was edited and audio posted at The Cutting Room.