August 10, 2011

MPC launches 'Creative' division out of LA studio

LOS ANGELES — Technicolor’s MPC ( has launched MPC Creative out of its LA visual effects studio. Headed by producer Paul Abatemarco, MPC Creative is designed for clients who want to work directly with MPC during the production process. MPC’s London office already has a Creative division.
Abatemarco will develop the US Creative division. He spent 13 years as an executive producer in live action, VFX, and motion graphics, and comes to the company from Stardust.
Daniel Marsh has signed on as the first director at MPC Creative US.  As lead VFX supervisor at MPC LA, Marsh has worked on projects for AT&T, Honda, Chef Boyardee, OWN and Mercedes. He will work with Abatemarco on pitching, methodologies, calls and tests for in-house directed projects.

In addition to VFX, MPC offers motion graphics, design, animation and telecine services.