MTI providing remote dailies for TNT's 'Dallas'
October 11, 2011

MTI providing remote dailies for TNT's 'Dallas'

MILLBURN, NJ — MTI Film (, which provides post and restoration services, has selected a video transport system from T-Vips ( to facilitate remote collaboration of the 2012 revamp of TV's Dallas series. The TNT show’s post pipeline will enable realtime transport of show dailies between its Dallas studio and MTI's color correction facilities in Los Angeles.

"For this show, the producers want to screen and approve dailies in Dallas using our Remote Control Dailies system,” explains MTI Film founder/CEO Larry Chernoff. “They also want highly accurate color correction using our staff colorists in Los Angeles. It’s critical for our business model that MTI leverages its talent for more than one production at a time. So much production is now being done outside Hollywood, we feel that remote image correction and dailies processing is the most efficient solution." 

Systems integrator Mercator Digital recommended that MTI purchase T-Vips’ JPEG2000 Video Gateways — compact 1RU models that use JPEG2000 compression for transmission of HD and SD signals over Gigabit Ethernet with 10-bit video resolution, at bitrates from 50Mbps to 200Mbps. Video Gateways deliver visually lossless HD video with frame-by-frame encoding, minimal latency, flexible forward error correction, error concealment, ancillary data support and built-in redundancy, while allowing user-friendly configuration as encoder or decoder.

Chernoff says the studio will devote roughly 50Mbps in each direction for color correction on the project. Clients can now review and discuss dailies in realtime, without waiting for tape delivery or file transfers.