'No-budget' filmmaking classes set for August
July 14, 2011

'No-budget' filmmaking classes set for August

LOS ANGELES — Filmmaker Mark Stolaroff recently completed work on his no-budget feature Pig, and is now putting his instructor hat on to offer two classes on no-budget filmmaking (www.facebook.com/nobudgetfilmschool). The two-day classes will take place in August and will be held at Raleigh Studios in LA.

Stalaroff says the classes are designed anyone who's ready to make a film and is wondering how to do it with little money. After shooting Pig, he’s learned numerous tricks and some hard-learned lessons. Stolaroff will be joined by guest speakers that include filmmakers Evan Glodell and Vincent Grashaw, the writer/director/star and producer (respectively) of the Sundance and SXSW hit Bellflower. Shot for $5,000 over a two-year period, the film was picked up for distribution by Oscilloscope and is opening theatrically August 5.

Matt Radecki, producer of Marwencol and co-founder of production/post house Different By Design, will also speak, as will Peter Broderick, a sought-after distribution consultant and president of Paradigm Consulting.

"The Art & Science of No-Budget Filmmaking" will be held August 20 & 21 from 9:30am-6:00pm at Raleigh Studios’ Chaplin Theater. Day 1 will focus on Course 101: "The Art of No-Budget Filmmaking," and Day 2 will center around Course 201: "The Science of No Budget Filmmaking." "Cinema Language: The Art of Storytelling" will take place August 27 & 28 from 9:00am-6:00pm. Each of the two days will have a morning session and an afternoon session. Day 1 will begin with Course 103: "Mastering Film Grammar" and will conclude with Course 204: "From Script To Screen." Day 2 will begin with Course 104:  "Introducing Your Character" and will conclude with Course 105:  "Disclosure of Information."

Attendees can take each class separately, each day separately, or, for the full no-budget filmmaking immersion, the whole two-weekend, four-day bundle together, at a special package price. For more information and to register, visit:  http://cinemalanguage.eventbrite.com/.