Nvidia powering post innovations
April 11, 2011

Nvidia powering post innovations

LAS VEGAS — Nvidia’s (www.nvidia.com) Quadro professional GPUs are powering a number of innovations at NAB, including products from Adobe, Arri, Assimilate, Autodesk and Avid, among others.

Adobe is demonstrating Premiere Pro CS5.5 software, which is being accelerated with Quadro 4000 and Quadro 5000 pro graphics on workstations, expanding the realtime video editing and effect-processing capabilities. 

Arri is demonstrating a technical preview of their CUDA-enabled ARRIRAW software development kit, which provides application developers with the ability to implement realtime processing of ARRIRAW’s digital negative using Nvidia GPUs. With the GPU-enabled ARRIRAW SDK, it will be possible to maintain and work with the digital negative in realtime through the entire post workflow, without the need for specialized hardware. 

Iridas’s SpeedGrade is at the Nvidia booth for a demonstration that shows how a RAW workflow enables full resolution, pre-visualization of color decisions on set while maintaining the digital negative. 

Assimilate’s Scratch digital finishing system and Scratch Lab digital lab tools support the Nvidia Quadro 6000 and Quadro 4000 for Mac. Scratch supports native workflows from RED, ARRIRAW, DPX and MXF, to Phantom, P2MXF, DVCHD, film, and DSLR. 

Autodesk is taking advantage of Quadro professional graphics for both its Flame Premium 2012 and Smoke 2012 for Mac OS X software. Smoke for Mac is powered by the Quadro 4000 and offers advanced finishing integrated with an editorial timeline on the Mac platform. 

And Avid is demonstrating its Media Composer software, which uses Quadro professional graphics to accelerate VFX and graphics tasks.