Park Road Post adds 4 more Mistika systems
March 3, 2011

Park Road Post adds 4 more Mistika systems

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND — Park Road Post Production ( has purchased another four SGO Mistika 4K systems, including a Mistika software license agreement for the Weta Group to enhance its existing Mistika-centric stereoscopic 3D production pipeline. The investment follows the purchase of two Mistika 4K systems last September. SGO’s Mistika forms the nucleus of Park Road's stereo 3D infrastructure. The systems are used for producing dailies rushes for editorial, finishing and grading. 

Head of DI at Park Road Post Production, David Hollingsworth says the studio has worked closely with SGO’s development team to establish an end-to-end solution for productions. 

"Using the same system for dailies, QC, screenings and through to final DI is key to our end-to-end color control and the overall quality of the finished project,“ he notes. "We have been able to create a pipeline for feature films that previously wasn’t even on anyone’s roadmap, with Mistika at its heart, that incorporates other proprietary systems like our incredibly comprehensive asset management system.“

Park Road Post’s credits include District 9, The Lovely Bones, Battle of Red Cliff, Knowing, and 30 Days of Night.