Recycling effort addresses SR shortage
April 1, 2011

Recycling effort addresses SR shortage

BURBANK, CA — In response to shortages of key pro tape media formats due to the Japan earthquake, Media Distributors ( is expanding its capacity to clean, degauss and recertify HDCAM SR, HDCAM and other professional tape media products for reuse.

The Green Partners program was started several years ago to reduce the impact of recording media products on the environment by allowing tapes to be recycled and used again. 

“What started as a program to help the environment will now help relieve the shortages in new recording media caused by this natural disaster,” explains Media Distributors’ VP of sales and co-owner Bob Daly. “The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan damaged one of Sony’s key factories near Sendai, Japan, which has caused a severe, global shortage of these products. We have the ability to completely recertify these tapes for use again, so that our customers can continue to shoot and complete projects that would have went unfinished, essentially bringing the industry to a halt. This is a viable, temporary solution until the supply of new tapes is restored.”     

Media Distributors’ tape recycling services includes evaluating each tape in special machines, which test for defects and certifies them for reuse.