SIGGRAPH: Thinware & Render Rocket partner on automated renderer
August 9, 2011

SIGGRAPH: Thinware & Render Rocket partner on automated renderer

VANCOUVER — Thinware Media (, the developer of workflow automation and asset management solutions for animation studios, has teamed up with Render Rocket (, a cloud-based rendering service. The strategic partnership and technology integration will enable animation studios to fully automate the process of rendering via cloud computing.

Thinware’s StudioCAP (CAP=Computer Aided Production) is a new workflow automation and asset management solution that’s design specifically for animation studios. The cloud-based system enables studios to efficiently store, track, and move 2D and 3D assets through the creation process without having to install and manage a costly IT infrastructure. 

Render Rocket is a cloud-based, high-end rendering service that provides professional-grade rendering power on-demand. Together, StudioCAP and Render Rocket will enable studios to manage their files more effectively, and automatically trigger a render job by submitting an image or shot after an artist has completed it. 

All files will immediately be packaged and sent to Render Rocket for rendering. Render Rocket will quickly return the files to StudioCAP fully rendered. The process not only automates rendering but alleviates the need for studios to purchase and maintain dedicated file servers and rendering machines.