SXSW: Dive colors, mixes 'Last Day Here'
March 14, 2011

SXSW: Dive colors, mixes 'Last Day Here'

PHILADELPHIA — Director Don Argott chose Shooters’ visual effects and film finishing division Dive ( to handle color and audio mixing services for the 9.14 Pictures film Last Days Here, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. 

Dive colorist Rob Giglio and audio engineer Bob Schachner both worked on 9.14 Pictures’ Art of the Steal (2009). For the new project, the facility used a daVinci 2K to color-balanced footage that had been shot over the course of four years. Dive also upconverted DVX-100 to HDCAM 24p. 

The film is a chronicle of Bobby Liebling, the lead singer of the doom metal band Pentagram. It details Liebling’s personal demons, his drug addiction and his attempts to make something of the band’s rediscovery. 

Completely self-funded, Last Days Here was a labor of love for the team at 9.14 Pictures. Argott, co-director Demian Fenton and producer Sheena Joyce amassed ample footage of Liebling’s extreme lifestyle and motivations over several years. Argott shot footage as far back as 2006, before HD technology was easily accessible, so it was imperative that the post process be cost-effective.