Super Bowl: Greenpoint produces, edits Pepsi Max/NFL video
February 7, 2011

Super Bowl: Greenpoint produces, edits Pepsi Max/NFL video

BROOKLYN, NY — Greenpoint Pictures ( recently worked with NYC-based marketing firm Cornerstone to create a :90 video — part commercial, part music video — for Pepsi Max and the NFL. The Super Bowl themed spot promoted the game between the Steelers and the Packers, and follows four similar spots in the Pepsi Max NFL Audible campaign.

Hudson Dusters’s Michael Kuhn and Niles Roth directed the project, which was edited in two versions: a :90 director's cut that focuses on Snoop, and a fast-paced mix of that footage with NFL highlights. 

Greenpoint Pictures executed an NFL video pitch for Cornerstone. Cornerstone then drew commitments from Snoop and the other rappers and brought in Greenpoint as its production partner, to run creative, write a script, choose shoot locations, and edit the footage.  Greenpoint shot the videos on PL mounted Canon 5D and 7D cameras with CineVision lenses, then edited on Final Cut Pro. Color correction was performed in-house. Shoots took place in LA, New York, Atlanta and Minneapolis. 

The video is posted on, and is also accessible via YouTube and select hip-hop blogs. A :60 version aired the week leading up to the Super Bowl and during the pre-game show on Fox.

Greenpoint’s Phil Knowlton edited the Snoop Dogg video.