Technicolor launches dailies solution
May 12, 2011

Technicolor launches dailies solution

HOLLYWOOD — Technicolor ( recently launched its next-generation dailies solution, which facilitates the viewing of content on desktop, laptop and mobile devices, including iPad and Android tablets. They also recently had members of the ASC and post communities in their NY and Hollywood locations for demos.

ShareVUE gives production stakeholders the ability to remotely view, comment and share content, playlists and other production information and metadata on portable devices. The dailies solution provides a secure and immersive viewing platform, and an intuitive user experience. 

The solution uses a single encode for the customer, which is then transcoded and optimized for each supported device. Its streaming-only model ensures security of the media. Sorenson’s Squeeze Solution Pack is being used as part of the ShareVUE dailies solution. The Squeeze Solution Pack enables the creation of highly flexible and scalable custom encoding solutions. 

Technicolor also recently launched a new scalable, flexible and secure cloud-based storage solution dubbed Technicolor Media Storage Service (TMSS). The solution was designed by and is being managed by NetApp. The partnership combines Technicolor’s media industry experience with NetApp’s storage and data management capabilities to offer cloud solutions designed specifically to address media industry challenges. 

TMSS is optimized to support the needs of content owners, aggregators and distributors. The service provides a pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows customers to scale storage to meet demand fluctuations. The service is integrated with MediAffinity, Technicolor’s digital content management platform. MediAffinity provides 24/7 access to files via a Web portal and allows customers to select whole or partial assets and initiate automated workflows to deliver what they need, when they need it.

In related news, Technicolor has entered into a technology alliance with FilmLight, the developer of film scanning, color grading and color management technology. Technicolor’s DP Lights color-correction and pre-visualization system, and the color science behind it, are further empowered by its coupling with FilmLight’s Truelight technology, allowing cinematographers, DPs, and directors to expand the range of on-set color grading control. The combination of the two company’s contributions results in a single, portable, on-location service. 

The alliance also greatly facilitates the ability of production rental companies that currently offer Truelight on-set technology to now offer Technicolor DP Lights as well. And because the system is fully compliant with the American Society of Cinematographer’s Color Decision List (ASC CDL), looks established on location can follow through to dailies, editorial and to final DI color-correction.

And in a further technology partnership, Technicolor teamed up with PureBlend Software Design to create Technicolor MovieSlate, an on-location production app designed to facilitate digital production by aggregating relevant data onto a unified platform. PureBlend is an expert in the creation of production slate applications for tablet devices. The two companies will bring to market a set of tools aimed at simplifying the transition to file-based workflows. 

Technicolor’s operations team worked with PureBlend on the development of MovieSlate’s user interface to facilitate the adaption of the app. The two companies will continue to develop new and advanced functionality of MovieSlate.