The Foundry stops Storm development
September 7, 2011

The Foundry stops Storm development

LONDON — The Foundry ( has ceased development of its Storm product. The solution was designed to serve as an on-set editorial and dailies solution that would allow Red productions to make selects, trim them, apply looks and quickly pull together a rough edit for review. Storm could be used to export media with looks and audio in the QuickTime format or as single image files in DPX or EXR.

According to The Foundry’s head of product development, Richard Shackleton, Red’s ( free release of Redcine-X Pro, which allows users to open .R3D files and perform 1st light color correction, made it impractical to continue development.

“Storm is a professional tool for Red users and now that Redcine-X Pro has emerged, justifying investment in developing Storm becomes harder and harder against free software of this breadth,” says Shacklton. “We say this with a heavy heart, because we're fond of what we've done.”

The current release of Storm — 1.0v4 — will be the end of its development, and the product will only remain available for purchase until the end of September. The Foundry will maintain the software until the end of October 2012.