May 24, 2011

Third Floor & Framestore bring previs expertise to Europe

HOLLYWOOD — Previsualization company The Third Floor ( has teamed up with visual effects house Framestore ( to provide European directors with previs expertise. The new venture, The Third Floor – London, is based in the UK and is made possible through a sharing of staff, tools, and skills, along with an initial headquarters at Framestore’s Wells Street office. 

The Third Floor has delivered digital preproduction services for A-list directors such as J.J. Abrams, James Cameron, Tim Burton, Robert Zemeckis and Steven  Spielberg. The facility has contributed to films that include Thor, Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, Star Trek and Iron Man 2. 

Framestore won a Visual Effects Oscar in 2008 for its work on The Golden Compass. The studio has also been nominated by the Academy for creature and visual effects work featured in the Harry Potter films.    

“Our partnership with Framestore enables us to help directors and their entire crews maintain and realize their vision from early development  through to the final visual effects through a  collaborative and efficient process,” explains The Third Floor CEO/creative director, Chris Edwards.


“I have long been an admirer of The Third Floor team and was extremely impressed by their previs work on Spielberg’s War  Horse,” notes Framestore CEO William Sargent. “We have a shared passion for filmmaking, visual excellence and storytelling. And we can further harness these mutual passions by combining skills, contacts and resources.”