Marc Loftus
April 16, 2012

Apple reveals future FCP X update plans

LAS VEGAS – While Apple is not exhibiting at the NAB show, the company does have a suite at Las Vegas hotel where it announced continued success in growing its third-party ecosystem. 

AJA’s new Ki Pro Quad, a digital media recorder that can dock to a camera and record 4K will feature Pro Res support.

Atamos, which offers cost-effective recorders for DSLR workflows, is offering XML export for its Ninja and Samurai products. Users can reject and make selects onset.

Blackmagic’s new cinema camera, a  $3,000 product that includes the DaVinci Resolve color correction software, can record up to 2.5K resolution. The camera records to ProRes and also has Thunderbolt connectivity. 

Autodesk’s 2013 release of Smoke now features tight XML integration, reading in and out for streamlining the finishing process. 

Apple also announced a number of features for Final Cut Pro X that will be released later this year. These upcoming features include multichannel audio editing tools, dual viewers, MXF plug-in support, and Red camera support. 

Apple also pointed out a recent SCRI report on broadcast and post NLE purchases that suggests the company owns 52 percent of the market when it comes to new seats. Additionally, Apple notes that there are now more editors working with FCP X that with Final Cut Pro 7.