ArsenalFX's work shows a different Las Vegas
November 9, 2012

ArsenalFX's work shows a different Las Vegas

SANTA MONICA — VFX studio ArsenalFX ( recently completed work on a spot for Las Vegas’s Springs Preserve. The :30 takes a look at the attraction’s gardens, exhibits, trails and museum with each setting transitioning to the next as a child’s imagination might perceive it.

Around the Corner was conceived by R&R Partners, Inc, and makes used of artful color-grading and compositing. ArsenalFX creative director Lauren Mayer-Beug worked on-set with director Josh Forbes, overseeing the shooting of plates for the visually-driven spot.  She then edited and supplied animation transitions for the entire piece, weaving one vignette into the next. ArsenalFX’s CG department amplified the fantastical imagery with roto, design and vivid color by in-house colorist Larry Field.

The studio’s credits include VFX EP Ashley Hydrick, VFX associate producer Alexis Jacobson and VFX creative director Nathan Boldman. David Hyatt provided Maya animation. Crystal Strait handled roto work. Terry Silberman served as Flame artist and Josh Baca handled the conform. 

Pat Woodland of Woodland Music composed the original track. POP Sound’s Mitch Dorf mixed the project with assistance from Robert Weiss.